Freedome main photo

Freedome 2019

Light behind the curtain

Concept of light installation made for a light festival competition.

"Yestreday morning, I told myself that I would break away from the photoshop for a while and go to the forest to collect the wild garlic. Garlic leaves themselves grow far apart in tiny clusters and
usually very close to the nibbles. Therefore, we only focus on collecting as much as possible, as fast as possible, without perceiving the surroundings. We are picking so quickly... and suddenly
we hear the roaring of the stream. We look around and realize that there is an idle, amazing idyllic scenery around us. And so far we have ignored it for the sake of a delicious pesto and have not
perceived the present moment that is still around us.
We live fast. We are constantly moving forward to achieve more, gain more, be more. And besides, our presence escapes through our fingers. We don’t see the world around us, but we run into
our comfortable world of imaginary future.
FREEDOME is a dream that does not exist. It is the materialization of our perpetual ideas. It’s a delusion. Everything else around him is reality. Light at end of the tunnel? Light behind the fence!
A fence that we want to overcome since ever. For centuries we have been climbing one fence after another, but what if the thing we are searching for is completely somewhere else? Even much
closer than we think? What if it’s just simple NOW.
FREEDOME consists of a light core that is at first sight the main medium of the entire light installation. It consists of a light source consisting of LED reflectors, which are encircled with three mesh
fences, mounted on a steel profile construction. At first we only see the light source, the fence, but after a while we begin to realize the surroundings. The rays of light beams hit the floor, the walls
around us, ourselves."

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