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Hangover 2013

This summer, I was chosen on a creative workshop, organised by cooperation of group of designers Flowers for Slovakia and furniture company Vitra. This year the topic was to find some Slovak folklore furniture and connect it somehow with given Vitra parts. I found an old twister from region Orava, the machine used for winding the hemp yarn and measuring it. I focused on the winding mechanism, the cross. It looks like a very strong contrast to the new and modern Vitra legs. I took the legs from the Meda chair and connected it with the steal tube and I made the same with the wooden parts. Then I jointed it together precisely, so the wooden part could rotate in the steel part easily. At the end I winded the old hemp yarn around the cross to enlarge the hanging space. Hangover hanger is part of Lost & Found Collection.

Hangover photo Hangover photo Hangover photo