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LOVE 2022

in 2022, slovakia made a big move against pollution and they made all plastic bottles and aluminium cans backed up with 15 euro cents so the people will finally start not to throw them all around
and pollute the nature. suddenly, in a second, the thing that was always seen in eyes of society as
something dark and dirty, became something so prescious, something that started to give a light to
the life of the poor people, especialy roma people, of who a huge community live especially in eastern
slovakia, where they live in a huge hatred by the white slovak citizens and nobody really cares about
them apart of the hate itself.
so why, when a dirty plastic bottle, can be reimagined as something so precious in a one second, we
look on other human beings in such a way, that we dont give them a chance?
i stole the carts from the supermarkets and were buying the plastic bottles from random people in
front of the shops. i put the carts in the city park for the night, expecting what is going to happen.
on the both sides, front and back of the carts i put a signs. always same sign on one cart, in slovak
language on the front and in roma language in the back. the person who stands and hold the car turn
the light on and can see the sign in slovak language, but cant see the roma translation. the texts are
about things that are completely basic for white people, but for roma they are important questions
of life, that are not basic for them at all. “how much do you earn?”, “where do you live?”, “how are
you?”,...LOVE in roma means MONEY.
After the exhibition, the remaining unstolen bottles were given back to roma people and carts, with
the signs were brought back to the supermarket. the commodity of artwork disappeared.

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