Tava Low Chair main photo

Tava Low Chair 2014

My last project was about cooperation with Czech company Natex, which is the producer of nonwoven fabrics. Our task was to use garbage material from their company. I chose struto, nonwoven fabric made from old clothes and plastic bottles. This material is very flexible, but it always returns to the primar shape. On this “example”, I wanted to show my idea of using the sheets of struto as an upholstery on one side, but also the storage place on the other side. Sheets of struto are very pleasant to touch and its randomly placed colours makes it very aesthetic and unique. Sheets are supercheap, so they can be very easily replaced. For construction I used solid beech wood, because of its strength and colour. To conect the backrest, seat and back leg I used triple lap joints. For front joints are used two dovetail joints, placed upright. Struto is connected to the construction by metal sticks.

Tava Low Chair photo Tava Low Chair photo Tava Low Chair photo Tava Low Chair photo